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CARE launch cover

Under the auspices of European Union  & Mastercard Foundation the Center for Africa’s Resilience to Epidemics [CARE], was inaugurated on January 19, 2024 by Dr Marie Khemesse Ngom Ndiaye, Ministry of Health, Jean-Marc Pisani, Ambassador of European Union and Serge-Auguste Kouakou, Country Director WAEMU at Mastercard Foundation in the presence of Dr. Amadou Sall, CEO of Institut Pasteur de Dakar [IPD].

Located on Institut Pasteur de Dakar campus, CARE‘s main objective is to :

  • Train the next generation of leaders, decision-makers and actors involved on epidemic fronts
  • Promote disease intelligence by collecting, storing and analyzing massive epidemiological data
  • Translate epidemiological research into social value by fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship

Decades of epidemiological surveillance have highlighted the risk of emerging microbial threats with pandemic potential, powered by climate change, global population expansion and human alteration of wild ecosystems. So, at the convergence of community challenges and epidemic threats, Africa must prepare for the next eventuality. Beyond preparedness, the convergence of computing capabilities, mathematical modeling, data science, additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping will be crucial.

Thanks to the support of European Union & Mastercard Foundation, CARE aims to help strengthen Senegal‘s regional and continental leadership in epidemic response, and contribute to Africa’s intrinsic resilience to infectious diseases. It will function as a place where cutting-edge knowledge is imparted to young people in Senegal, Africa and the world, stimulating innovation in epidemic preparedness and response.

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