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Together, they delved into a spectrum of vital topics including surveillance, vaccine development, and clinical trials with a shared goal : advancing health outcomes and saving lives. Key discussions revolved around vaccine development and trials, alongside in-depth presentations on surveillance, showcasing the impactful work of Institut Pasteur in this domain.

With diseases like Zika and Dengue making headlines, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, researchers engaged in robust conversations to deepen understanding and strategize responses. The emergence of Dengue fever in the region underscores the urgency of collaborative efforts in public health research. Moreover, the session served as a platform to explore diverses avenues for collaboration, notably in combatting diseases such as measles and meningitis.

Institut Pasteur de Dakar has been instrumental in supporting over 40 African countries in their efforts to prevent, respond to, and combat severe epidemics. Notably, their partnership with MRC Unit The Gambia at LSHTM, one of the UK Medical Research Council’s flagship research units in sub-Saharan Africa, highlights a significant investment in medical research within low- and middle-income countries.

Important times ahead as Prof Martin Antonio, Dr. Effua Yusuf, Dr. Ed Clarke, and Mr. Kanteh Dembo lead the charge in driving impactful collaborations for a healthier Africa!

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